McKesson State Public Policy

McKesson’s public policy priorities at the state level.

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Benefit & Cost Transparency

Each year, medication nonadherence causes 125,000 preventable deaths, an estimated $100 billion in preventable medical costs, and 33-69% of medication-related hospital admissions. Empowering patients with visibility and choice opens the door to person-centered healthcare and can produce immediate benefit for patients.

Learn more about Benefit & Cost Transparency (PDF, 138 KB)

Icon Depicting of a PharmacyThe Role of Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations (PSAOs)

PSAOs are organizations that evaluate and execute contracts and interact with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) on behalf and in support of participating independent pharmacies.

Learn more about how PSAOs provide value to independent pharmacy (PDF, 132 KB)

Read Avalere Health’s analysis on the role of PSAOs (PDF, 539 KB)

Learn more about Health Mart Atlas and their involvement with PSAOs.

Icon Depicting a Government Building & a Pill BottlePharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Reform

PBMs are third party administrators that primarily process and pay prescription drug claims. They administer prescription drug plans for Americans with health coverage provided through Fortune 500 employers, health insurance plans, labor unions, and Medicare Part D plans.

Learn more about efforts to reform PBM practices (PDF, 77 KB)

Our Team

McKesson’s Public Affairs team engages with elected officials on issues important to our company, our customers, and the patients they serve.

Learn more about our State Government Affairs team (PDF, 286 KB)

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