DIR Changes Set to Take Effect in One Month – A Resource Library to Help Your Health System Prepare

A collection of resources to help your health system prepare for upcoming DIR fee changes.

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By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team, Ram Arumugam

Published on: December 1, 2023

With just one month until January 1, 2024 – when the CMS final rule prohibiting Medicare Part D plan sponsors and PBMs from retroactively assessing DIR fees on any claim submitted by pharmacies under Medicare Part D will go into effect, we’ve compiled a list of recent articles to help your health system prepare.

Is Your Health System Ready for the Upcoming Changes to DIR Fees?

Strategies to address changes affecting DIR pricing to allow your pharmacy to achieve more.

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What is the DIR Hangover and Why Should it Keep Health System Leaders Up at Night?

Our expert, Ram Arumugam, talks to Specialty Pharmacy Times regarding the upcoming DIR fee changes for health system pharmacies.

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3 Strategies to Prepare for Upcoming DIR Fee Changes

With DIR fee changes taking effect on January 1, be sure your health system is prepared.

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Q&A: 60 Days Until DIR Fee Changes Take Effect

Our experts answer your top 6 questions about upcoming DIR fee changes.

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