Podcast: The Untapped Benefits of Patient Assistance Programs

How PAP can positively affect value-based care measures within a health system pharmacy.

Read time: 4 minutes

By: McKesson Health System Editorial Team

When patients’ lives are at stake and medication access is necessary, McKesson’s patient assistance programs (PAPs) – complete with an influential patient advocate and the right technology – can help patients get the care they deserve.

Listen in as O’Mally Monahan, MPH, Vice President of Operations at McKesson RxO, discusses how patient assistant programs can help health systems tap into potential benefits, including patient access and reduced treatment delays.

Ready to learn more? McKesson has a range of options that can help maximize the value PAP brings to your organization, from a full-service start-to-finish approach to a focused program by service area, and even an audit readiness option.

To learn more about McKesson’s patient assistance program and how it can help your health systems achieve more, visit our page.

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