Missed cash collections can hurt your health systems’ bottom line. See how much you can save using McKesson RxO’s Patient Assistance Program (PAP) Reimbursement and Revenue Recovery Management solution. Depending on your health system’s PAP needs and capabilities, we provide support in the way you need. Whether it is fully managing your PAP program, or simply providing the best-in-class technology for you to run it in-house through our new PAP Recovery Navigator, this allows health systems staff to focus on what really matters – your patients.

McKesson First Dose Technology

With McKesson’s new First Dose technology, PAP patients can be identified prior to coming in for treatments. By integrating directly with hospital scheduling data, McKesson ensures that patients are automatically identified ahead of time. First Dose technology can help health systems achieve decreased hospital involvement, streamlined workflows, increased PAP savings, and reduced delays in patient treatment.

McKesson RxO’s PAP Reimbursement and Revenue Recovery Management solutions help identify revenue opportunities

  • Automate the review and validation of pharmacy revenue cycle data​
  • Increase collectable revenue for clinic-administered meds​
  • Build a bridge between your pharmacy and the finance department

We can also help you identify hidden revenue and develop a customized action plan to improve cash collections. One large health system in Virginia collected an additional $1.63M in revenue in less than a year after uncovering issues such as incorrect charge amounts and incorrect codes. In New Jersey, an academic health system saw an additional $1.72M in revenue in the first 18 months of working with us. There, NDC coding issues accounted for over $1.5M in hidden revenue.*

Insightful perspectives and support you can count on

  • On-site assessments and data analytics
  • Increasing transparency of billing inaccuracies
  • Action planning for resolving missed charges and underbilling
  • Ongoing value generation
  • Customizing opportunity reports and reconciliation recommendations
  • McKesson First Dose technology
  • Ongoing support

* These numbers are based on previous customer results. These results depend on a variety of factors that are unique to each business. There is no guarantee that your results will be similar.

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