Monthly Roundup: Top Three Reads from December

Explore recommended reads for health system teams from the past month.

By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

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Top Prescribed Perspectives Reads for December

Our most-read posts in December were focused on the role of blockchain technology in contract alignment and the chargebacks process, the basics of the complicated 340B Drug Pricing Program and how we’re teaming up to improve visibility into delivery times and delivery time metrics. Here are a few recommended reads on Prescribed Perspectives based on what health system teams consumed the most over the past month.

An innovative approach to contract alignment and chargebacks

Two people sit with a tablet on their laps, gesturing with their handsA new, shared industry solution is helping smooth contract alignment and chargebacks, and it comes in the form of blockchain. Learn about how McKesson and other industry leaders have teamed up with the MediLedger Network, part of Chronicled, on this digital solution and why it matters to health systems.

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340B Basics for Health Systems

Pharmacist sorting medicine behind the counterThe 340B landscape is complicated, but our team of experts breaks it down in this article, providing a deeper dive into the history of the program, its benefits and challenges and what’s on the horizon. Read this piece for a crash course on the complex 340B Drug Pricing Program.

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Case Study: McKesson’s Delivery Visibility System

Collage of employee imagesAt McKesson, we’ve teamed up with TransVoyant to improve visibility into delivery times and delivery time metrics across the supply chain. This case study outlines how we’re working to modernize distribution, transportation operations and customer service.

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