COVID-19 put unprecedented strain on the supply of high-demand personal protective equipment (PPE). The supply chain has improved over the initial impact of pandemic-related demand, and we have loosened or removed our allocation measures for some of these products. However, we continue to closely monitor demand by customer type and certain PPE and infection prevention items are still in short supply.

N95 masks are in high demand and McKesson, which traditionally sold limited quantities of N95s because of the non-hospital markets we primarily serve, is on allocation from manufacturers for these masks. Gloves are another category where global demand continues to outpace supply, and demand for disinfecting sprays and wipes also exceeds supply.

Allocations are not an ideal solution, but are a common industry practice. At McKesson, our allocation approach has helped us avoid stock outs in many critical product categories, allowing us to provide PPE supplies to many more customers for a much longer time.

We anticipate these market conditions will remain for the foreseeable future. We understand how important it is to supply critical medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and testing solutions to healthcare professionals across the U.S. Our efforts to help the supply chain have included sourcing products from new suppliers all over the world, working closely with the federal government to help with the nation’s response and collaborating with partners to source, develop and deliver new products to market. McKesson continues to evaluate and add new FDA-approved manufacturers to our network of suppliers to expand our supply chain and provide more products to our valued healthcare customers.

As our supply levels improve, and the government evolves guidance on the prioritization of providers or geographic markets, we’ll continue to adapt our distribution policies. In the meantime, we recommend reviewing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidance for PPE conservation. We also recommend our customers regularly check McKesson SupplyManagerSM, our online ordering platform, for updates on product availability and any exceptions that may impact their order.