Improving Connectivity in Healthcare

We are committed to creating a healthcare system that leverages technology to empower patients.

Technology is more integrated into our health than it has ever been. But even now, healthcare costs are too high, quality and access vary too greatly, and patients are too disconnected from their own care decisions.

Even as technology has replaced paper record-keeping, our healthcare system remains too disconnected, data too siloed, and healthcare quality and efficiency too often stymied by disparate technology systems that can’t or won’t talk to one another.

The Healthcare Innovation Alliance

This must change, and at McKesson, we want to lead the charge. That’s why we are members of the Healthcare Innovation Alliance a coalition of health industry stakeholders dedicated to using data and technology to improve care.

Together, McKesson and our fellow stakeholders are committed to creating a world-class healthcare system that allows for the seamless and secure flow of information to empower patients, improve care delivery and outcomes, lower costs, and speed the development of new cures and treatments.