ClinicalAlertsPlus for Pharmacy: Value Added Vaccination for Pharmacy Patients

Notifies pharmacists of vaccinations available to eligible patients within the dispensing workflow.

With patients frequenting your pharmacy more often than other care providers and pharmacists taking on more of a clinical role your pharmacy is uniquely positioned to provide additional clinical services to eligible patients—such as vaccines. This will increase patient loyalty and pharmacy revenue.


Provide additional services to your patients automatically in your pharmacy workflow

ClinicalAlertsPlus™ program increases your pharmacy's engagement with patients by automatically identifying opportunities to counsel and engage patients for additional clinical services – such as vaccinations – within the pharmacist's workflow.

The program leverages participating prescription history data and other pre-defined criteria to identify when an incoming patient is eligible for counseling. This criteria includes:

  • Patient's age and location
  • Patient coverage and co-pay range
  • Prior vaccine history including patients who are eligible for a second or third dose in a vaccination series

How it works

While the patient's prescription is getting filled, the pharmacist receives an in-workflow alert in the pharmacy practice management system that the patient is eligible for a vaccine. The pharmacist can take the opportunity to counsel the patient and then administer the vaccination while the patient is in the pharmacy.

When integrated through the pharmacy management system, the pharmacist acknowledges receipt of the in-workflow alert by simply continuing to process the original prescription claim, or they may be asked to complete a brief provided survey. No override code or prior authorization is required. In participating pharmacies and for eligible patients, notifications are returned to the patient's physician when a patient declines the vaccination allowing for better coordinated care.

Benefits to your pharmacy:

  • Unparalleled method to access qualified patients for improved health
  • Better coordinated care among a patient's health care team
  • Opportunity for a new pharmacy revenue stream
  • Increased patient loyalty and strengthened relationships
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