Prescriber Authority Service for Pharmacies

Validate DEA prescriber authority at point of dispense for controlled substances.

Whenever your pharmacy processes a prescription for a federally scheduled controlled substance, it must validate the prescriber’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) authority. If a prescriber’s authority can’t be validated at the point of dispense, third parties pay the claim and flag it for review, which can result in your pharmacy being audited.


Prescriber Authority Service allows your pharmacy to efficiently comply with federal regulations and helps mitigate the impact of audits or financial penalties.

Discover the power of prescriptive authority reporting

Prescriber Authority Service will:

  • Determine the prescriber's DEA authority status.
  • Determine a drug’s schedule and if the drug is a narcotic.
  • Validate the level of prescriptive authority in real time, during claims adjudication.
  • Provide transaction details to facilitate file updates through response messaging.
  • Provide a data source for DEA-NPI (National Prescription Identifier) matches.

We offer a host of other audit risk and mitigation services, including services to monitor for OIG-excluded prescribers and other audit-triggering pharmacy claims transactions.

Prescriber Authority aids pharmacy audit risk mitigation:

  • Helps you comply with federal rules and regulations.
  • Takes the pressure off pharmacy personnel to validate prescriber authority.
  • Helps you manage pharmacy audits and financial losses.
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