RelayRx Audit Intervention Service for Pharmacies

Protect against audit triggers at the point of dispense with our audit prevention service for national and regional chain pharmacies.

Your retail pharmacy may find itself at risk for a third-party audit several times in a single year. Each audit can cost thousands of dollars—not counting the lost time and resources spent preparing for an audit. That’s a significant cost for something that doesn’t help your business grow.

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Save time and money by reducing your risk of third-party audit

Third-party audits have many triggers designed to help reduce fraud and abuse, so retail pharmacy chains must find ways to minimize the impact of potential audits. RelayRx™ Audit Intervention Service can help protect your pharmacy from common audit-triggering claims transactions at the point of dispense.

By proactively reducing audit risk, you save your pharmacy valuable time and money. You also benefit from audit risk and mitigation services, including validation for DEA prescriptive authority and OIG excluded prescribers monitoring.

Audit Intervention Service can help you:

  • Reduce common pharmacy audit triggers and reimbursement chargebacks.
  • Protect pharmacy revenue and material costs with accurate patient co-pays.

Audit Intervention Service features include:

  • Real-time notifications at point of dispense
  • Seamless integration with all pharmacy systems