Each time we’re faced with disaster, our employees step up to serve the community and patients.

For more than 185 years, McKesson has led the industry in the delivery of medicines and healthcare products to pharmacies, hospitals and other sites of care—including timely and safe delivery of vital pharmaceuticals and medical supplies during catastrophic events.

McKesson ensures back-up power generators are functioning and properly fueled for expected power outages when our facilities are facing a natural disaster. We also place employees from other U.S. facilities on call to travel and support relief efforts and meet the expected increase customer needs following a disaster.

Support for customers and first responders

distribution center packing a box with suppliesMcKesson representatives proactively contact customers and first responders in the storm path to discuss near-term product needs and encouraging the ordering of additional inventory as appropriate in anticipation of unpredictable delivery schedules and road closures during and following the storm. McKesson also advises customers to order additional supplies of necessities like water, batteries and first aid items.

Increasing inventory ahead of emergency needs

Based on our experience supporting natural disaster preparedness and recovery efforts, we position extra inventory of medications and supplies that are frequently needed following an event. Examples include insulin for diabetics, dialysis supplies, vaccines for first-responders, antibiotics for viral outbreaks (contagious ailments like colds and flu spread rapidly in emergency shelters) and anti-venom for snakebites as snakes are prevalent following flood conditions.

Working with governments to deliver during emergencies

We are committed to partnering with government agencies in emergency preparedness planning and response. States of emergency often result in the limited use or closure of major highways, bridges and tunnels to allow access for first responders. We work closely with government entities to receive approval to make authorized deliveries in crisis. This includes working with local law enforcement to prepare documentation for McKesson delivery drivers that will help facilitate access to closed-off areas to meet customers and first responders.


McKesson is an active member of Healthcare Ready which leverages unique relationships with government, nonprofit and medical supply chains to build and enhance the resiliency of communities before, during and after disasters.