Optim Oncology and Urology Centers of Oklahoma Join The US Oncology Network

August 04, 2014

Practices gain access to resources designed to enhance patient care, treatment options and operational efficiency

Oklahoma City, Okla. (August 4, 2014) – Optim Oncology and Urology Centers of Oklahoma, divisions of Oklahoma Multispecialty Group and leaders in providing quality oncology and urology care throughout Oklahoma, announced today they have joined The US Oncology Network, one of the nation’s largest networks of integrated, community-based, physician-owned oncology practices dedicated to advancing high-quality, evidence-based cancer care. By joining The US Oncology Network, the physicians at Optim Oncology and Urology Centers of Oklahoma can collaborate with other oncology experts from across the nation in real time, discuss complex cancer cases and provide patients access to some of the most cutting-edge cancer treatments, supportive care programs and clinical trials available today. The practices also gain a multitude of resources and business support to help them more efficiently deliver quality patient care, demonstrate value-based care and manage their operations in today’s ever-changing and ever-challenging healthcare environment.

“Our affiliation with The US Oncology Network allows us to greatly enhance the advanced, comprehensive, integrated care we provide to our patients by uniting our physicians with nearly 1,000 other expert oncologists and surgeons from across the country. Joining The Network gives us access to the very latest clinical trials, scientifically proven treatment pathways, patient support programs and other vast resources available from one of the nation’s leading independent networks of cancer physicians,” said Christopher Bozarth, M.D., managing member, Oklahoma Multispecialty Group. “Oklahomans no longer need to travel to large medical centers or academic institutions in remote locations to receive leading-edge therapies. By collaborating with The US Oncology Network, Optim Oncology and Urology Centers can now offer these treatments to our patients in the communities where they live and work.”

As part of The US Oncology Network, Optim Oncology and Urology Centers of Oklahoma now have access to expertise and resources typically only found in major academic medical centers. They can offer patients novel clinical trials through US Oncology Research. A leader in bringing innovative therapies to cancer patients in local communities across the nation, US Oncology Research has played a role in 50 FDA-approved cancer therapies, nearly one-third of all cancer therapies approved by the FDA to date. Additionally, from towns across Oklahoma, they can employ the renowned evidence-based treatment pathways – Value Pathways powered by NCCN® – to identify precise, clinically proven treatment options that have been proven by science to be the most effective, least toxic care for the majority of patients. When faced with difficult cases, the clinical teams at Optim Oncology and Urology Centers of Oklahoma can also collaborate with their colleagues across the nation through The Oncology Portal, a HIPAA-secure physician-only portal allowing physicians to tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of nearly 1,000 oncologists. Lastly, they have access to the very latest healthcare information technology to drive quality care and operational efficiencies, as well as a state-of-the-art drug-distribution center specifically developed to increase patient safety.

“I hope and expect that by joining The US Oncology Network, they will prove to be invaluable to us as we continue our mission to deliver advanced, high-quality and comprehensive patient care in convenient community-based settings,” said John Ross, M.D., president, Urology Centers of Oklahoma. “We enthusiastically support and applaud them for their stated objective – to improve the quality of life of Oklahoma patients, as well as our physicians and employees. We hope that this relationship takes our group to a new level of excellence, both operationally and clinically, providing superior value to all stakeholders.”

“We’re thrilled to have Optim Oncology and Urology Centers of Oklahoma join the outstanding physicians and clinicians in The US Oncology Network,” said Michael Seiden, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical officer, The US Oncology Network. “The Network is a physician-led organization that continues to develop innovative solutions that advance the science and quality of cancer care in America. We’re honored to have this respected group of physicians join our mission.”

Optim Oncology and Urology Centers of Oklahoma are made up of 20 physicians, including 13 urologists, one uropathologist, three radiation oncologists and three medical oncologists. They practice from 14 primary locations plus five satellite offices located throughout Oklahoma. Optim Oncology is well-known throughout the state as a leader in providing advanced comprehensive care in convenient community-based settings. The practice offers integrated medical and radiation oncology services under one roof, providing patients the potential of better outcomes and a better overall experience. The physicians, clinicians and staff are committed to offering state-of-the art care and utilize some of the most advanced radiation technologies available.

Urology Centers of Oklahoma is the premier provider of urology services throughout the state, having treated more prostate cancer cases than any other provider in Oklahoma. The practice offers patients a comprehensive team approach with urologic and oncologic specialists working together for optimal patient care. Urology Centers of Oklahoma physicians are highly credentialed, experienced and considered to be among the top specialists in their field. They utilize leading-edge technology that provides patients the latest, cutting-edge treatments.

About Optim Oncology

Optim Oncology is dedicated to providing patient-centered, integrated cancer care in convenient locations close to patients’ homes. Medical and radiation specialists work together in one location to facilitate fully coordinated comprehensive team care, providing the potential for better outcomes and reducing patients’ stress by eliminating the need to travel to several different facilities for care. The practice is recognized as a leader in providing patients access to the latest advanced technologies that previously were only available in large hospitals. They are the only Central Oklahoma practice to utilize Calypso’s precision radiation guidance technology that minimizes treatment side-effects. They also offer many other advanced technologies, such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, Image Guided Radiation Therapy and Tomotherapy. Physicians and staff are dedicated to working closely with patients and their families to support and guide them during their cancer journey, helping them have the best experience possible. Visit www.OptimOncology.com for more information.

About Urology Centers of Oklahoma

Urology Centers of Oklahoma is the preeminent provider of urology services to men and women throughout Oklahoma. A recognized leader in new treatments and technologies, the practice’s team of urologists is among the most highly credentialed and experienced in the field with over 225 years of combined experience in urological surgery and treatment. With ten urology centers, the practice has the largest geographic footprint of any urology provider in the state. A division of Oklahoma Multispecialty Group and Optim Oncology, Urology Centers of Oklahoma is part of the largest oncology/urology group in the state, and the only practice in Oklahoma to offer both medical specialties under one roof. The practice is well-known in the medical community for balancing compassion and sensitivity with leading-edge technologies. As a Prostate Cancer Center of Excellence, Urology Centers of Oklahoma has treated more prostate cancer cases than any other practitioner in the state, with more than 1,000 cases since 2007. To learn more, visit www.UrologyCentersOK.com.

About The US Oncology Network

The US Oncology Network is one of the nation’s largest networks of integrated, community-based oncology practices dedicated to advancing high-quality, evidence-based cancer care. A physician-led organization, The US Oncology Network unites like-minded physicians and clinicians around a common vision of improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Leveraging healthcare information technology, shared best practices, evidence-based guidelines and quality measurements, physicians within The US Oncology Network are pioneering new ways to achieve this vision. The US Oncology Network is committed to strengthening patient access to integrated care in local communities across the nation, including collaboration with a variety of payers, hospitals and academic institutions. The US Oncology Network is supported by McKesson Specialty Health, a division of McKesson Corporation focused on empowering a vibrant and sustainable community patient care delivery system. For more information, visit www.usoncology.com.

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