McKesson Pharmacy Systems and Creative Pharmacist Collaborate to Enhance Clinical Programs for Community Pharmacy

February 07, 2018

Partnership makes vital information available simultaneously to prescribers, pharmacists and patients

Moon Township, Pa., February 7, 2018 — McKesson Pharmacy Systems is pleased to announce a new partnership with Creative Pharmacist, a market leader in providing pharmacies with innovative clinical pharmacy solutions. This partnership can empower pharmacies using McKesson’s pharmacy management systems with the ability to manage Pharmacist eCare Plans. Pharmacist eCare Plans include a vital shared document containing a patient’s current treatment regimen, medication support needs, drug therapy issues, and other pertinent details about the pharmacy’s interventions and patient health outcomes. “We believe our alliance with Creative Pharmacist will help transform relationships between community pharmacists and their patients living with chronic disease,” said Bernie Reese, SVP and General Manager, McKesson Pharmacy Systems. “Creative Pharmacist has played a key role in helping community pharmacies expand the services they offer far beyond dispensing, and ties directly into McKesson’s strategy of enabling pharmacies to maximize operational and clinical performance.”

The Creative Pharmacist’s STRAND® platform has been certified as a vendor program within McKesson’s Clinical Programs Solution (CPS). CPS was designed to centralize oversight and management of the various clinical programs offered by a pharmacy by identifying patient opportunities within workflow. The STRAND solution allows pharmacists to create and transmit Pharmacist eCare Plans and bill for clinical services. In addition, STRAND provides intervention support, including patient education built directly into the platform, allowing pharmacists to engage patients through an easy-to-use pathway.

“Pharmacists are now providing clinical services and participating in enhanced service networks in every state in the nation,” said David Pope, PharmD, CDE, chief of innovation and co-founder of Creative Pharmacist. “With this partnership, pharmacists using McKesson’s pharmacy management systems will be able to engage their patients, document their encounters, and bill for clinical services, all within their workflow. We’re proud to partner with McKesson to bring these clinical opportunities to the pharmacists we mutually serve.”

In addition to providing support and Pharmacy eCare Plans, the integration of McKesson software technology with Creative Pharmacist can help pharmacies succeed as they increase their services and the growth of high performance networks continues. Whether it’s through diabetes counseling, smoking cessation programs, immunization clinics, or other clinical services, the integrated technologies can help pharmacies streamline their workflow andenhance their profitability.

“We’re very excited about this new partnership because it provides so many beneficial clinical enhancements to our customers,” said Bernie Reese. “We are thrilled to include Creative Pharmacist as one of McKesson’s trusted technology partners for the benefit of our pharmacy customers.”

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About Creative Pharmacist

Co-founded by a community pharmacist and a technology expert in 2008, Creative Pharmacist, developer of the STRAND® clinical platform, is the U.S. market leader in helping pharmacists launch clinical services within their community. They support community pharmacists across the country in engaging patients with chronic disease, such as diabetes, through STRAND®, a wide-reaching intervention, documentation, education, and billing platform capable of developing the new Pharmacist eCare Plan. Their mission is to transform the community pharmacy marketplace by inspiring and empowering pharmacists to engage clinical pharmacy practice to improve both the health of their business and the health of their patients. For more information, please visit:

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