Improving Connectivity in Healthcare

We are committed to creating a healthcare system that leverages technology to empower patients.

Technology is more integrated into our health than it has ever been. But even as technology has replaced paper record-keeping, our healthcare system remains too disconnected, data too siloed, and healthcare quality and efficiency too often stymied by disparate technology systems that can’t or won’t talk to one another.

Benefit & Cost Transparency

Each year, medication nonadherence causes 125,000 preventable deaths, an estimated $100 billion in preventable medical costs, and 33-69% of medication-related hospital admissions. Empowering patients with visibility and choice opens the door to person-centered healthcare and can produce immediate benefit for patients.

Patients should be able to easily access and direct their plan designed benefit, coverage, and cost information in real-time. We encourage states to require health plans and pharmacy benefit managers to provide real-time benefit and cost information at the point of prescribing and the pharmacy counter, increasing the likelihood that patients will start and continue their medication.