Protecting Drug Supply Chain Security

The security of the supply chain is critical to patient safety – learn more about legislation and regulation to protect the supply chain.

Safe medicines are a critical component of effective healthcare. Patients should have access to these lifesaving treatments without having to worry about the safety of the medication. A robust and secure medication delivery infrastructure is critical to achieving efficiency, safety and quality.

At McKesson, the safety and security of the supply chain is our top priority. We work directly with manufacturers, which ensures they are purchasing only legitimate, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medicines and prevent the introduction of counterfeit medicines into the supply chain. McKesson also maintains secure facilities that adhere to FDA and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) storage and handling requirements.

Supporting a standard for supply chain security

We are actively engaged in the implementation of the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 (DQSA) which we supported during its development and consideration by Congress. The law creates a uniform national standard for drug supply chain security. This includes phased-in unit-level serialization for all pharmaceutical products so they can be traced electronically from manufacturer to distributor to pharmacy, and back up the chain.

Today, we are piloting the exchange of serialized product data to assure the integrity of the supply chain and to develop solutions to meet future state and federal regulatory requirements for the traceability of pharmaceutical products.

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