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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Learn how to find safety information for McKesson-distributed products.

Need to know the right way to work with a drug, chemical or product? Start with a safety data sheet, or SDS (formerly material safety data sheet, or MSDS). An SDS takes the guesswork out of complex safety information. Use these documents to learn about everything from health effects to instructions for safe handling and proper disposal.

*Important note: There are no SDSs or MSDSs on this website. However, you can still start your search here. Keep reading to learn how you can find the information you need.

For current McKesson customers

To view and download an SDS, log into your regular McKesson ordering site (McKesson SupplyManager℠, McKesson Connect or Customer Center). Depending on the type of account you have, you’ll follow a different process for accessing SDS.

Primary care, home care and long-term care customers

  1. Log in to McKesson SupplyManager℠
  2. Use the search feature to find the product in the catalog
  3. Click on “Item Detail”
  4. You’ll see the SDS document listed under “Resources”

You can also contact your SupplyManager salesperson to help find the data sheets. For help with your user name or password, call (800) 422-0280.

Hospital and pharmacy customers

  1. Log in to McKesson Connect
  2. On the top menu, choose “Business Management/Programs — My Pharmacy’s Programs”
  3. Choose the Distribution Services program
  4. Choose “Industry Product Information”
  5. Under “Drug Safety Information,” find the link for the MSDS site

You can also contact your McKesson Connect salesperson to help find the data sheets. For help with your user name or password, call (800) 793-9875.

For non-McKesson customers

Even if you’re not a McKesson customer, you can still get the SDS or MSDS you need. First, ask your employer for help. If they can’t get the document(s) for you, you can reach out to the manufacturer directly. You might also be able to find an SDS on this site: 3E SDS search.