AMP: Access for More Patients, Connecting Patients to Biopharma Specialty Therapies

A transformative, technology-driven hub solution that connects biopharma companies to providers and streamlines how patients access, afford and adhere to medications.


A Whole New Ecosystem of Patient Access Services

The viral network and technology of CoverMyMeds redefines the hub experience creating a new starting point for patient access to specialty therapies.

Driving better patient outcomes

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Learn more about AMP: Access for More Patients, a collaboration between McKesson and CoverMyMeds.

AMP: Access for More Patients™, streamlines time-to-therapy for patients with complex and chronic specialty diseases.

Fundamentally changing the way patient support is provided

  • Reach the largest network of providers with services integrated in the treatment workflow
  • Access 4 out of 5 patients through an optimal balance of automation and human intervention
  • Unprecedented longitudinal view of the patient treatment journey
  • Connectivity that provides precision for the right patient support at the right time
  • Deep expertise and technology that serves the full spectrum of biopharma products from high volume retail to high touch precision medicine

We use innovative access solutions to enhance the patient journey

AMP real-time hub services allows biopharma manufacturers to connect to patients through McKesson’s established relationships with:

  • More than 700,000 providers and payers representing 96% of prescription volume
  • 96% of pharmacies
  • 95% of payers
  • More than 300 life science brands

Real-time patient services enrollment enables providers to complete digital enrollment for patients at the point of e-prescribing into biopharma-sponsored access and support programs before a patient leaves the office.

Technology-driven hub services within the provider workflow streamlines and accelerates therapy initiation on average twice as fast as traditional hub services.

Patient-centric engagement addresses adherence challenges through connections to available co-pay programs, clinical experts, behavioral coaching and refill reminders.