Adherence Solutions for Biopharma Companies

Improve medication adherence and patient health outcomes with behavioral and clinical-support solutions.

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There are many behavioral and clinical factors for why patients don’t take their medications as prescribed. Our adherence team has the experience, training and tools you need to help patients stay compliant to their therapies and deliver optimized patient outcomes.

Each of our adherence solutions integrate seamlessly with our access and affordability solutions, to help you drive brand loyalty and achieve your business goals.

Behavioral-coaching solutions customized to your therapy needs

Behavioral coaches can be your first line of defense in helping patients adhere to their prescribed therapies. Our inbound and outbound coaches are trained in highly effective communication and behavioral methods to uncover patient needs and connect patients with personalized tools and resources depending on their identified medical needs.

We work collaboratively with you in designing the right solution for your therapy that can include a variety of agents, such as trained patient support representatives, social workers, nurses, and dietitians.

Hands-on clinical services delivering an enhanced patient and provider experience

Our clinical services are designed to deliver training and education to patients and prescribers, and can be customized to your therapy needs.

  • Clinical care management: Medication and side effect management support through the HUB for enrolled patients
  • Patient education: Field-based patient educational services and tools and resources to help patients manage their therapies
  • Provider education: Field-based educational services to healthcare professionals for product training, side-effect management, and treatment planning
  • Injection training: In-home patient and caregiver education on therapy administration and self-management
  • Drug administration: In-home administration of injectable therapies that require a healthcare professional to administer

Leveraging Multichannel Coaching to Build a Consistent Patient Experience and Drive Adherence

Amanda Rhodes, Director of Client Strategy and Solutions for McKesson Specialty Health, discusses how to overcome multi-faceted barriers patients face once on therapy, including those that are operational, financial, behavioral, and clinical in nature.