Affordability Solutions for Biopharma Companies

Lower patient costs, drive adherence, and improve health outcomes using our leading suite of copay solutions and free trial vouchers.

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Now more than ever, positive patient experiences that go beyond the development and distribution of your therapies increasingly determines your commercial success. 

Ensuring patients can afford their prescribed therapy is at the heart of the patient experience. Currently supporting more than 400 savings programs, we have a wide variety of flexible financial assistance programs that can help patients start and stay on therapy.

Flexible affordability solutions aimed at optimizing access to your biopharma brand

Our multi-variate affordability solutions are designed to optimize first-fill and refill rates and can be delivered through print or web to patients and providers.

LoyaltyScript® Copay Savings Program:

  • Universally accepted
  • In-house, proprietary adjudication system: benefit and designs
  • Exclusive government-plan exclusion safeguards
  • Expertise from thousands of programs to help guide you through optimal program design

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TrialScript® Free-Trial Program:

  • Free-Trial provided at the retail pharmacy to help patients effectively start on therapy
  • Sampling alternatives if no-sample facilities available
  • Flexible design: 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day free trial

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Medical Benefit Copay Discount:

  • Copay solutions tailored for products covered under a Medical Benefit
  • Flexible provider payment options such as check, debit, and automated clearing house (ACH)
  • Seamless integration into your HUB
  • May be combined with pharmacy benefit copay solutions to create an integrated copay solution

Each of our Affordability solutions integrate seamlessly with our Access and Adherence solutions, to help you achieve your brand goals.

Business intelligence reporting & advanced analytics

Understanding the health of your program, especially early in the process, is critical to your success. Experience the added benefit of a customized reporting portal providing near real-time visibility into savings generated for your program. As your preferred partner for affordability solutions, we combine program analytics with our consultative insights to empower you to make better decisions and deliver on your business goals.