Build a Successful Commercialization Strategy for Your Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies have transformed the traditional drug commercialization model with one that meets the individual needs of providers, patients and payers. We can help you create an innovative strategy tailored to your therapy's needs.

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are dedicated to providing cell and gene therapies that treat acute and rare conditions that may currently be untreatable.

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These therapies require greater coordination among stakeholders, as well as robust logistics and monitoring to meet their complex needs for handling, storage, transportation, and administration. Patient data flows through the entire process and is critical to the manufacturer's ability to track the product across the entire supply chain. You need to be able to get the right medication to the right patient at the right time. 

McKesson provides biotech and pharmaceutical companies with cell and gene therapy expertise. Our gene and cell therapy services include:

  • Drug commercialization services
  • Logistic services
  • Drug infusion services
  • Treatment reimbursement support
  • Clinical education

These services rely on robust clinical data to ensure optimal patient care through accelerated patient access to life-changing therapies.

Supporting your cell and gene therapy commercial strategy

As a provider of comprehensive patient and physician support programs, we capture key patient information during the enrollment process. This includes unique identifiers designed to support real-time monitoring of the product throughout the supply chain and enable the manufacturer to deliver the CAR T-cells back to the right patient at the point of care. 

A successful cell and gene commercialization strategy must:

  • Execute complex logistical processes
  • Maintain the quality and integrity of the product
  • Minimize the risk of adverse events
  • Achieve patient access to a very expensive drug
  • Assist stakeholders with financial risk
  • Enhance the customer/stakeholder experience
  • Collect longitudinal data to prove clinical outcomes
  • Access claims and outcomes data to gain reimbursement in a value-based environment

McKesson is focused on supporting your gene and cell therapy commercial strategy to optimize patient access and enable physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare providers to care for patients throughout their treatment journey.

A pharmacist uses a handheld scanner to scan medication inventory
Case Study

Successful Collaboration Through Unique Product Requirements

A creative financial model enables access to an evolutionary oncology therapy.