SafeCardRx: Compliance Aid for Prescription Co-Pay Savings

Protect your pharmaceutical brand with real-time electronic compliance safeguards.

The penalty for an incorrectly applied prescription co-pay discount on government programs like Medicare or Medicaid is $25,000. Yet pharmaceutical manufacturer brand teams often rely on co-pay savings card programs to promote medication adherence.

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SafeCardRx’s automated compliance process can take the worry out of prescription qualifications, letting you improve adherence while maximizing savings.

Automate your compliance process for co-pay savings cards and coupons

SafeCardRx helps prevent prescription co-pay savings cards and coupons from being applied to known government-funded prescriptions. SafeCardRx works in real time at the point of dispense, giving your brand's card program unmatched Office of Inspector General (OIG) compliance in almost any pharmacy across the U.S.

Many compliance safeguards used today rely on the patient to abide by the disclaimer messaging printed on the card—a manual process that’s also full of holes. SafeCardRx helps qualify the prescription electronically while the claim is being adjudicated with the benefit processor and before any medication is dispensed.

SafeCardRx can streamline your compliance process:

  • Strengthen your brand's OIG compliance efforts
  • Reduce pharmaceutical brand exposure to costly government sanctions

SafeCardRx boosts efficiency for manufacturers:

  • Electronic monitoring and qualification for prescriptions filled in pharmacies across the U.S.
  • Pharmacist messaging at the point of dispense that indicates a co-pay savings cannot be applied
  • Proven technology used by pharmaceutical brands of all sizes