A McKesson worker in a distribution center


At McKesson, we play a critical role in helping make medication and supplies available to our customers and patients across North America.

We have a proven track record of leading during difficult times over the past 190 years. The lessons learned from this experience, along with our strong business discipline and focus, demonstrates our supply chain resiliency and ability to serve our customers and patients well.

Learn more about how we support a stable supply chain during challenging times.

Addressing Drug Shortages

With McKesson’s deep expertise in pharmaceutical distribution, supply chain analytics, and market access dynamics, we are committed to helping address the multitude of challenges contributing to drug shortages.

When Disaster Strikes, McKesson is Ready

To prepare for natural disasters, our teams work overtime to ensure needed supplies are delivered, inventories are increased, and facilities are prepared with generators, satellite phones and the necessities to quickly communicate with customers.

Our Pandemic Preparedness

With our experience operating as the centralized distributor for the COVID-19 vaccines and medical supplies for the U.S. government, we have the know-how to prepare for unforeseen crises that might come our way.