Over-the-Counter Products and Front-End Solutions for Your Pharmacy

Integrating all pharmacy front-end solutions helps enhance foot traffic and increase your revenue.

A pharmacist and a patient talking to each other in a retail pharmacy

Front End Solutions

According to PBA Health, average margins on front-end merchandise are 15% higher than the margins on prescription sales. It's time to refocus on your pharmacy's front end. Learn how McKesson's Front End solutions can help enhance foot traffic and improve your pharmacy's bottom line.

Private label and national OTC products

An effective pharmacy front end consists of fully stocked shelves with the bestselling and competitively priced OTC products.

Pharmacies can choose from an array of McKesson-branded, Health Mart–branded and national brand OTC products covering more than 50 categories and sourced from over 100 trusted suppliers.

Front-end categories include:

  • Advanced Wound Care
  • Analgesics
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive
  • Eye and Ear Care
  • First Aid
  • Nutritional
  • Upper Respiratory
  • Vitamins

Pharmacy front-end sales solutions

Enhance foot traffic

  • Circulars: Attract patients with latest deals and promotions to drive front-end purchases. Health Mart circular Flipp generated over 145 million yearly impressions and about 400,000 store visits*.
  • Planograms: Prioritize shelf space and stock the right products with detailed item guidelines and shelving principles. Also includes seasonal endcaps—the second most shopped area in a pharmacy.
  • Merchandising services: Save time and resources with front-end merchandising experts that help identify and recommend new products; discontinue slow-moving items; and reset endcaps and in-line categories.
  • Health Mart advertising: Leverage “Available at Health Mart” supplier-led multimedia advertising opportunities. Partners have included Theraworx Relief®, EZC Pak, Charco Caps and DiaresQ.
  • Children’s Free Vitamin Program: Drive engagement by offering free vitamins to children in your community.
It is harder and harder to get customers to switch pharmacies these days. We use this program to attract young parents who can also be making pharmacy decisions for their parents and extended family of customers. It helps to show them we care about the entire family’s well-being.

—Arthur J. Awerkamp | Director of Pharmacy, County Market Pharmacies

Improve your pharmacy’s revenue

  • Retail pricing: Stay competitive among other stores in your area with tools that help you price approximately 15,000 consumer products.
  • Health Mart Autoship: Build front-end profits by receiving discounts on high-demand displays autoshipped to your pharmacy.
  • Additional product categories: Enhance your category assortment with niche product opportunities like pet vitamins, sunglasses, essential oils and beyond.

To learn more, enroll, or seek expert advice on other front-end maximizing programs, visit my.HealthMart.com.

Not a Health Mart member? Contact us at OTCProductMaintenance@McKesson.com.

*Based on Flipp reporting