OncLive® Welcomes the US Oncology Network as Newest Member of Strategic Alliance Partnership Program

October 06, 2015

Collaboration to share the latest news from The US Oncology Network, a physician-led organization uniting top oncology practices across the nation to deliver high-quality, evidence-based cancer care

PLAINSBORO, N.J. (October 6, 2015) –OncLive® today announced the addition of The US Oncology Network to its widely respected Strategic Alliance Partnership program, which is dedicated to raising awareness of cancer treatment and research.

Under the terms of the program, OncLive’s editorial and marketing teams will collaborate with The US Oncology Network to share the latest developments in community-based oncology practices dedicated to advancing evidence-based care. The Network includes oncology practices with more than 350 sites of care in 19 states.

The US Oncology Network unites 1,000 physicians with expertise in a multitude of disciplines, dedicated to leveraging healthcare information technology, shared best practices and clinical trials to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. More than 800,000 patients are treated by physicians in The Network annually.

“Working with The US Oncology Network adds an exciting dimension to our Strategic Alliance Partnership program,” said Mike Hennessy Jr., president of Intellisphere Oncology and Healthcare Specialty Group, part of the Plainsboro, N.J.-based Michael J. Hennessy Associates, Inc. (MJH), family of businesses, which includes OncLive. “The US Oncology Network physicians are recognized leaders in their fields, known for their innovation and expertise in targeted therapies, cutting-edge research and value-based reimbursement.”

Many physicians affiliated with The US Oncology Network are also involved in US Oncology Research, one of the largest community-based oncology research programs in the country. More than 61,000 patients have participated in clinical trials conducted by US Oncology Research, and the organization offers over 300 active clinical trials at any given time. US Oncology Research and its affiliated physicians have played a role in more than 50 FDA-approved cancer therapies, nearly one-third of all cancer therapies approved by the FDA to date.

“The US Oncology Network was created with patients in mind,” said Michael Seiden, M.D., chief medical officer, The US Oncology Network. “Working with OncLive allows us to share information about breakthrough treatments and clinical trials with a wider audience, providing helpful information when it’s needed most.”

The US Oncology Network joins the more than 50 other leading cancer centers, nursing schools and physician groups around the country that have collaborated with OncLive since the Strategic Alliance Partnership program was formed in 2013.

Hennessy added, “The Strategic Alliance Partnership program unites everyone committed to fighting cancer. Working together and sharing knowledge and experience—among primary physicians, patients, research scientists and families—is our best strategy for overcoming this devastating disease.”

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About The US Oncology Network

The US Oncology Network is one of the nation’s largest networks of integrated, community-based oncology practices dedicated to advancing high-quality, evidence-based cancer care. A physician-led organization, The US Oncology Network unites like-minded physicians and clinicians around a common vision of improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Leveraging healthcare information technology, shared best practices, evidence-based guidelines and quality measurements, physicians within The US Oncology Network are pioneering new ways to achieve this vision. The US Oncology Network is committed to strengthening patient access to integrated care in local communities across the nation, including collaboration with a variety of payers, hospitals and academic institutions. The US Oncology Network is supported by McKesson Specialty Health, a division of McKesson Corporation focused on empowering a vibrant and sustainable community patient care delivery system. For more information, visit www.usoncology.com.

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