iKnowMed Recognized for Fifth Consecutive Year as Top-performing Electronic Health Record (EHR)

February 24, 2016

Strong ratings in key performance areas earn McKesson Specialty Health EHR top spot in Black Book Rankings

The Woodlands, Texas (Feb. 24, 2016)iKnowMedSM electronic health record (EHR) has been named the top-ranked EHR platform for oncologists and hematologists for the fifth year in a row by the prestigious Black Book Rankings, a division of Black Book Market Research, an unbiased industry-leading source for polling, surveys and market research. iKnowMed was recognized for its superior focus on meeting the unique needs of community-based oncology practices. Implemented in more than 620 sites of care nationwide and used by more than 1,600 providers, iKnowMed EHR and iKnowMed Generation 2 received top rankings in 12 key performance areas, including support and customer care, best of breed technology and process improvement, and strategic alignment with client goals to name a few.

“Earning this prestigious honor for the fifth consecutive year demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide oncology practices innovative solutions that respond to the changing healthcare environment,” said Jeff Kao, chief information officer and senior vice president of Information Technology Services for McKesson Specialty Health and The US Oncology Network. “iKnowMed is specifically designed to support and enhance the delivery and documentation of high-quality evidence-based cancer care, providing an invaluable tool to help oncology practices successfully transition to alternative payment models and the new value-based care delivery system while keeping quality of care the number one priority.”

iKnowMed Generation 2, developed in collaboration with oncologists in The US Oncology Network and supported by McKesson Specialty Health, is the only next generation EHR for oncology and hematology available on the market today. This innovative EHR platform seamlessly integrates with McKesson Specialty Health’s leading technology solutions to meet the unique needs of oncology and enhance value-based care delivery while strengthening core practice operations.

“We are excited iKnowMed has been so well received by the oncology market and has once again been recognized as the industry leader in oncology-specific EHR systems,” said Dan Lodder, vice president and general manager of Technology Solutions for McKesson Specialty Health. “This next generation EHR platform is a robust, comprehensive practice solution offering flexibility through integrated modules that address key areas of concern in healthcare today, such as patient engagement, as well as data analytics that can play a critical role in ensuring efficient high-quality care while optimizing revenue.”

Integrated iKnowMed modules include Clear Value PlusSM –clinical quality and regimen support; My Care PlusSM– an oncology-focused patient portal engaging 280,000 enrolled patients; Lynx Mobile® inventory and purchasing management; TotalViewSM Generation 2 revenue cycle reporting, and Practice InsightsSM analytics. Together, these best-in-class solutions help practices safely deliver high-quality patient care, advancing a practice’s ability to provide an integrated care experience for both patients and their comprehensive caregiving team while optimizing revenue.

“iKnowMed is an investment in quality care and efficiency that can help oncologists navigate today’s challenging healthcare landscape while preparing them for future reforms that may be coming,” Lodder concluded.

For more information about the Black Book Rankings report or to request a demonstration of iKnowMed Generation 2, visit https://enews.McKessonspecialtyhealth.com/2016BlackBookRankings.html.

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