Southern Cancer Center is Global Leader in Kidney Cancer Clinical Trial

September 19, 2017

Mobile, Ala. (September 19, 2017) - Southern Cancer Center (SCC), a premier oncology clinic in Alabama and a practice in The US Oncology Network, is the first site in the world to open enrollment for a new clinical trial for newly diagnosed kidney cancer patients.

This phase 3 clinical trial will look at various investigational combination therapies including an immune checkpoint inhibitor. This is an important trial to gain information on previously untreated advanced or metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC).

The varieties of cancer treatment have progressed rapidly over the last few years, such that many patients now have new treatment options available to them, including immunotherapy. By activating the body’s own immune system to identify and destroy tumor cells, immunotherapies have shown significant potential and are often becoming effective treatment options for cancer care providers and their patients. However, there is still a need for ongoing research of these investigational combinations to continue the advancement of cancer treatment.

“Southern Cancer Center is proud to offer an advanced clinical research team that works closely with the National Cancer Institute, US Oncology Research and the pharmaceutical industry to explore new treatment options and bring cutting edge clinical trial opportunities to our patients,” said Dr. Michael Meshad, medical research director for Southern Cancer Center. “We’re not just treating cancer, but helping patients find the most progressive and effective treatment possible.”

SCC is conducting this clinical trial through US Oncology Research, one of the largest research programs in the U.S. focused on oncology clinical trials. US Oncology Research has participated in about 10 studies with first-in-human therapies and 30 studies with the first U.S. or global patient enrollment.

About Southern Cancer Center

The physicians and employees of Southern Cancer Center (SCC) are dedicated to finding and providing the best care and treatment options for their patients in the communities they serve. SCC has a team approach to patient care. Taking care of oncology patients is their life’s work and passion.

Southern Cancer Center is an affiliate of The US Oncology Network (The Network). This collaboration unites SCC with more than 1,400 independent physicians dedicated to delivering value-based, integrated care for patients — close to home. Through The Network, these independent doctors come together to form a community of shared expertise and resources dedicated to advancing local cancer care and to delivering better patient outcomes. The US Oncology Network is supported by McKesson Specialty Health, whose coordinated resources and infrastructure allow doctors in The Network to focus on the health of their patients, while McKesson focuses on the health of their practices. Southern Cancer Center also participates in clinical trials through US Oncology Research, which has played a role in approximately 70 FDA-approved cancer therapies, about one-third of all cancer therapies approved by the FDA to date. For more information about clinical trials, SCC or its research program, visit or call (251) 625-6896.

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