Specialty Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Services for Manufacturers

The right GPO strategy can help drive results for products in the specialty clinic setting. Our GPO team has the experience and analytics drug manufacturers can trust.

GPOs Help Maximize Performance

McKesson offers GPOs that help create, grow and sustain clinic-based provider markets for biopharmaceutical therapies. With a membership of more than 3,500 community specialty sites of care across the country, our deep relationships enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to reach specialty care physicians in non-hospital settings. Our contract portfolio covers a range of diseases in oncology, rheumatology, retina, urology and other specialties.

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Our GPO team partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers to determine the right contracting approach to maximize performance throughout the various phases of a product's life cycle, while also balancing requirements in appropriate use criteria, quality-driven and other value-based care considerations. We do so by harnessing our unique, two-GPO model (Onmark and Unity), which allows manufacturers to leverage various performance incentives based on what works best for the different types of models that exist in the community setting.

Operations and Analytics Support

In addition to contracting expertise, our GPO services include operations and analytics support for specialty products. We partner closely with McKesson sales and clinical teams to drive product awareness for optimal contract performance. We also provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with detailed analytics, giving insights into provider buying patterns and product performance.

No other specialty drug distributor offers our array of customizable GPO solutions to help pharmaceutical manufacturers get the most out of their products. With our GPO model aligned with McKesson's footprint as the nation's largest drug distributor, we are well equipped to help manufacturers get the most out of their therapies.

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