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The Best of Our Stories 2023

Our most memorable moments from the past year, highlighting our unwavering commitment to improving health outcomes for all.



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At McKesson, we strive to explore new and innovative solutions that can shape the future of patient care. This year, we continued to push forward by leading advancements in oncology care, providing patient access to affordable medications, and reimagining the way patients receive care by connecting with pharmacies to offer in-house lab testing.

We invite you to join us in revisiting our top-performing stories of the year.

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Consumers are increasingly viewing pharmacies as a trusted destination for healthcare services, from vaccinations to in-store consultations with physicians or nurse practitioners.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, some pharmacies also began to offer "point-of-care" testing for a variety of illnesses and conditions. Yet while there's tremendous opportunity and room for growth when it comes to expanding such offerings, many pharmacies – especially smaller, independently operated ones – such opportunities can be exciting as well as overwhelming.

That's where McKesson's Lab team comes in. The team is comprised of specialists who support pharmacies that want to offer lab testing for various conditions.

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Porscha Scales, a clinical case educator at Biologics by McKesson, shares her unique perspective on supporting cancer and rare disease patients. Having personally experienced managing her dog, Derrty's leukemia, she found reassurance in her role at Biologics.

"Going through the cancer process with Derrty was reassurance and confirmation that I was right where I was supposed to be, doing the work I was meant to do," Porscha says. "And although we never set eyes on the patients we treat; we can still relate to them through meaningful conversations."

The risk-based care program she is part of offers personalized support, pairing patients with nurses for care plans and monthly check-ins. But the role goes far beyond providing clinical advice – it's one that enables employees like Porscha to provide much-needed emotional support for patients as well.

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When we think of pharmacists, we often imagine a friendly face standing behind the counter at our local pharmacy. However, pharmacists play diverse and dynamic roles beyond the familiar confines of the pharmacy aisle. At McKesson, pharmacists assume various roles across care settings, including research, clinical, and corporate roles. They play a significant role in advancing health outcomes for all. Meet several of these professionals whose work throughout our company impacts the lives of healthcare patients every day.

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With promising advancements in treatments like chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies for blood cancers, biopharma companies are working toward solving logistical challenges well before receiving approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

McKesson Third Party LogisticsSM (3PL) supports biopharma companies in overcoming these challenges. The 3PL services include overseeing licensing needs, business continuity planning, and monitoring programming. McKesson's 3PL simplifies the commercialization process for biopharma companies, enabling them to focus on developing and delivering innovative therapies to patients.

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The harsh reality of limited healthcare access due to socioeconomic barriers is why today, Ram Arumugam aims to protect much-needed patient access through his role at McKesson.

Since early in his career, Ram has advocated for patients while working in neighborhood pharmacies. Leveraging his expertise, he joined McKesson, focusing on outpatient retail pharmacies within health systems. His strategic role is dedicated to driving pharmacy financial health through the breadth of McKesson-connected solutions, customized for the health system in the areas of ambulatory care, retail, specialty, and beyond.

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