Beyond the Counter: The Many Faces of Pharmacy

Pharmacists diversify healthcare with their versatile expertise and unwavering commitment to patient well-being.



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When we think of pharmacists, many of us picture a friendly face standing behind the counter at our local pharmacy. However, beyond the familiar confines of the pharmacy aisle, many pharmacists assume diverse and dynamic roles that defy our views of a traditional pharmacist. At McKesson, pharmacists across care settings – from research to clinical and even corporate roles – play a considerable role in our mission of advancing health outcomes for all. Meet several of these professionals whose work throughout our company impact the lives of healthcare patients every day.

Narges Shansab: Lead Clinical Pharmacist, CoverMyMeds

Narges Shansab Pharmacist Tenure: 11 years

A lead clinical pharmacist for CoverMyMeds, Narges Shansab is dedicated to increasing patient safety and helping patients understand any potential risks associated with their prescriptions. Her pharmacy expertise and passion for patient advocacy led her to her current role, which focuses on Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) programs. REMS programs are designed to ensure that patients on certain medications identified by the FDA receive additional support and evaluation from their entire healthcare team, including prescribers and pharmacists.

When a patient isn't clear on the associated risks of a medication, Narges and her team help provide clarity by answering questions and providing counseling to patients and providers.

Nicole Mayo: Lead Analytics Consultant, RxInsight

Nicole Mayo Pharmacist Tenure: 20 years

Nicole exemplifies how the world of pharmacy has evolved beyond the traditional counter-bound dispenser of medications. As a Lead Analytics Consultant for McKesson's Pharmacy Optimization RxInsight team, she navigates the complex intersection of healthcare and data-driven decision making. She supports health systems by reviewing medication utilization, reimbursement and dispensing data on drug purchases. Through her expertise, institutions are able to adjust their resource allocation, patient care strategies, and inventory management, all of which ultimately resonate in improved patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Karen Thompson: Research Pharmacist, Clinical Research Services

Karen Thompson Pharmacist Tenure: 26 years

As a research pharmacist for McKesson's Clinical Research Services business, Karen focuses on dispensing products that are part of an FDA-approved clinical trial directly to patients Some products may have active drugs and others, a placebo. Karen's responsibilities include verifying the accuracy of each product order to be dispensed and confirming patient delivery destinations.

Natalie Greisl: ClinReview Pharmacist, The US Oncology Network

Natalie Greisl Pharmacist Tenure: 14 years

Natalie supports Maryland Oncology Hematology, an independent oncology practice within The US Oncology Network, as a ClinReview pharmacist. A critical aspect of her role is closely monitoring patients during their treatment journeys. She and her team help the practice optimize patient treatments to ensure they receive the proper dosage, regimen, and appropriate schedule for their specific diagnosis. Her work also includes identifying proactive measures to ease the cancer treatment’s side effects and achieve the best outcomes.

Steven Vu: Fulfillment Pharmacist, Biologics by McKesson

Steven Vu Pharmacist Tenure: 20 years

At Biologics by McKesson, a specialty pharmacy that provides treatments for cancer and complex rare diseases, Steven supports the clinical operations team as a fulfillment pharmacist. In his role, Steven performs quality control to ensure medications are dispensed accurately for patients. Steven's work is deeply rooted in his commitment to patient care. He understands that behind every medication order is a patient seeking relief, comfort and hope. By helping to ensure the accuracy of medication dispensing, he contributes to the peace of mind that patients and their families rely on during challenging times.

Pete Crouch: Community Pharmacist, Health Mart

Pete Crouch Pharmacist Tenure: 47 years

As a community pharmacist, Pete’s dedication to the well-being of his community shines bright through his role as the owner of Eden Drug, a Health Mart independent pharmacy supported by McKesson. Based in Eden, N.C., Pete's commitment to his community is evident. He’s actively involved in local events and organizations, and his pharmacy serves as a hub for health-related resources and information. By centering his pharmacy around families in the area, Pete has created a welcoming opportunity to promote general health by hosting back-to-school events and participating in educational seminars tailored to senior citizens. Pete's goal for his pharmacy is to empower residents to embrace healthier lifestyles. At the 2023, McKesson ideaShare, Eden Drug was recognized as the Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year, awarded to pharmacies for their clinical and business excellence.

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