Connecting the Dots with McKesson Compile’s Data

Reforming healthcare data analytics with advanced technologies and automation, ensuring high-fidelity, analytics-ready data for life sciences.

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It’s no secret that biopharma companies deploy ever-increasing volumes of data to fuel the development and distribution of lifesaving medications and therapies. And, as innovators embrace new technologies, data demands will continue growing.

But all data is not created equal, and data quality can mean the difference between success or failure of any initiative.

Meet Compile – now McKesson Compile™ – a provider of healthcare intelligence and high-capture, high-fidelity patient and provider aggregated data. McKesson Compile’s provider data maps the complex and always-changing relationships between healthcare providers (HCPs) and their affiliations with healthcare organizations (HCOs), enabling life sciences companies to get a full picture of their target market.

McKesson Compile’s patient data includes multiple sources of medical and pharmaceutical claims data (commercial, Medicare, Medicaid), social determinants of health (SDoH) and electronic health record (EHR) data across all therapeutic areas.

McKesson recently acquired Compile to meet current and future demand for data used to assist in the development of new therapies. Additionally, the combined business will now have the opportunity to offer products informed by McKesson's extensive data footprint, which has been built over decades through collaborations with biopharma companies, care providers, pharmacies, and others.

#1) They do the work to make data analytics ready and usable.

McKesson Compile’s ReadyData™ is crafted to use right out of the box. It enables life sciences companies to do their analyses faster, freeing highly skilled analysts from cleaning and organizing data before work begins.

To help ensure the usability of ReadyData, McKesson Compile does the cleansing, normalizing, deduping, and table-merging clean up. It then enhances the data with modeled variables and assigns missing values, creating a more complete dataset and helping to streamline analyses.

In short, McKesson Compile does the dirty work.

McKesson Compile's ingestion process

#2) They use sophisticated technology for better data quality.

In the real world, there are many connections between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs). These connections can include being co-workers or co-authors, and HCPs can have different roles within HCOs, such as being an employed physician or a referring physician. Storing and representing these connections in a dataset is difficult. To address this challenge, McKesson Compile uses a graph processing engine, which is a sophisticated way of organizing data that keeps track of these complex relationships in a 3D-like format. This graph processing engine allows for more detailed information in the Provider 360 ReadyData product compared to a traditional table-based approach, which can lead to loss of information.

Illustration of how an in-memory graph processing engine captures HCP-HCO relationships

#3) Automation is a key part of the McKesson Compile difference.

McKesson Compile’s tech-forward automated approach to data gathering captures and triangulates thousands of diverse sources for higher data accuracy. Unlike some data providers, McKesson Compile doesn’t rely on phone calls or surveys, which can quickly lead to outdated information, but instead scours and ingests information on an ongoing and regular basis.

McKesson Compile ingests data from myriad purchased and public data sources such as medical claims data, SEC filings, IRS filings, provider websites, social media, payer directories, life science journals, Medicaid Directories, licensing information and more.

McKesson Compile ingests data from myriad purchased and public data sources such as medical claims data, SEC filings, IRS filings, provider websites, social media, payer directories, life science journals, Medicaid Directories, licensing information and more.

4) McKesson Compile prioritizes quick and knowledgeable customer service.

McKesson Compile is structured to deliver premium customer service and exceed the industry standard—primarily because they employ life sciences and data experts who are genuinely helpful and collaborative. McKesson Compile’s customer service team also prioritizes speed – with the goal of responding to questions within one business day or less. The McKesson Compile team listens carefully to customers’ business goals, helps them define their data needs, and responds to questions as they use the data.

And data procurement is ultra-fast as well, with access to data available typically only 48 hours after contract signing.

#5) McKesson Compile is ready for the future of the data industry.

The healthcare industry’s demand for data continues to accelerate—especially as companies deploy AI and Machine Learning (ML)-enabled applications. McKesson Compile has recently built an advanced processor to ingest new data sources in weeks. The speed at which new data is ingested into the system enables them to add various data sources to continuously enhance new products quickly.

Along with novel data sources, AI and ML require high volumes of clean data. McKesson Compile’s ReadyData process ensures that data sets are as clean and complete as possible, thus enabling AI to reach its greatest potential.