McKesson Partners with Walmart to Deliver Nearly 10 million Critical Medical Gowns

To help address a shortage of medical supplies during COVID-19, McKesson and Walmart have collaborated to bring medical gowns to healthcare workers who need them most.

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During the pandemic, protective gowns and other PPE – essential to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 – have been in short supply. McKesson Medical-Surgical has been working closely with various industry partners from across the globe to help ensure these supplies reach those who need them most. In order to meet demand, McKesson partnered with Walmart to ramp up production.

Expanding Supplies and McKesson’s Supply Chain

Walmart has been a key, collaborative partner in helping McKesson source medical gowns for U.S. front-line healthcare workers. By leveraging Walmart’s product sourcing network, and new partnerships with some of Walmart’s leading apparel manufacturers, McKesson has been able to expand the supply of medical gowns in the U.S. – even creating new styles of gowns, manufactured from non-traditional materials.

By diversifying raw materials, production sites and sourcing operations, not only did McKesson increase supply, but they’ve also expanded its supply chain to help protect its customers from future disruptions – all in a few short weeks.

Receiving and Distributing Shipments

In April, McKesson received its first shipments of collaboratively sourced gowns and, by the end of May successfully received almost 10 million gowns and coveralls. Once shipments arrived in the U.S., McKesson sent them through its distribution network and from there, they were shipped on to hot spots and providers throughout the country.