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A Vibrant Place to Connect, Learn and Grow

Meet two Black McKesson employees who are thriving as active members of the BE ERG.



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Since U.S. President Gerald Ford proclaimed February as Black History Month 47 years ago, it has become a cherished time to focus on honoring achievements throughout the Black community. Similar observances now occur each year in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and the Republic of Ireland.

At McKesson, our Black Excellence – Be Empowered (BE) employee resource group (ERG) offers a dynamic platform for employees of all backgrounds to come together and make McKesson the best workplace for all. Meet two of our newer employees whose active participation in BE is benefiting not only themselves, but also others throughout the company and their communities.

Troy Felder, Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Troy Felder

Troy Felder

When he joined McKesson in March 2020, Troy was excited to start his role providing talent development, culture and engagement opportunities and strategic operational human resources support for the McKesson Medical-Surgical supply distribution team.

But he was also eager to jump into the ERGs he learned about during his onboarding. In addition to joining BE, he immediately got involved with groups outside his own experience, including Emerging Professionals (EP), Professional Association of Latinos at McKesson (PALMa) and Women Empowered (WE).

ERGs are not exclusive – they are the definition of inclusion where diverse perspectives and experiences are appreciated and valued,” says Troy, who has since also become a member of Uniting Native and Indigenous Tribes and You (UNITY) and Arc, which strives to bridge all the ERGs. “There is something for everyone.”

Through McKesson ERGs, Troy serves as an ally and stays connected to the challenges and perspectives of other populations who are looking to share experiences, grow, lead and excel.

“Our ERGs are a developmental resource and retention mechanism that differentiates McKesson as a great place to work,” he says. “Knowing that Black professionals and others have this safe space to be vulnerable and influential is what drives my participation.”

Last year, the BE national board invited Troy to facilitate a “BE-ing a Leader” session, one of the group’s signature programs, on “Relationship-Building in the Workplace.” Nearly 150 colleagues tuned in for the virtual presentation, which was based on a roadmap he first encountered while mentoring students at Clark Atlanta University.

Another of Troy’s memorable interactions with McKesson leaders was through his role as the 2nd Vice Chair of the United Way of Greater Atlanta’s African-American Partnership (AAP), which aims to positively impact the lives of children and families throughout Greater Atlanta. Today, AAP and its 1,000-plus members focus on its Powering the Potential program to transform the academic outlook of African-American boys and young men and help them reach their full potential.

In July 2020, he invited BE’s national board to participate in a panel during the AAP’s annual symposium, where he saw first-hand the ERGs’s commitment to developmental opportunities.

“It’s great to see McKesson involved in the community through our ERGs,” he says. “As leading companies shared best practices, I appreciated the learnings, and I was proud that our message demonstrated how well we’re doing.”

Experience has also taught him the value of relationships, and it’s one of the things he values most in his work with BE.

“I've met so many McKesson leaders through BE,” he says, “and I have been intentional about nurturing those relationships with candid conversations and informational interviews that better position me to execute with excellence.”

Januari Lewis, Senior Program Manager, Pharmacy and Healthcare Solutions

Januari Lewis

Januari Lewis

Joining McKesson in May 2020 – right after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic – could have been a lonely experience for Januari. But getting involved with BE was a key to unlocking the connections that made her new company quickly feel like home.

BE helped me see the diversity that McKesson contains, and made me feel like I belong here,” Januari says. “It’s a vibrant place to connect, learn and grow outside of your day-to-day role. I now have a network of people who can offer guidance and perspectives, and who bring people together for the benefit of everyone.”

After almost 20 years working as both a district pharmacy supervisor in a retail environment and clinical pharmacist specializing in infectious disease and transplant medicine, Januari is uniquely positioned for her current role. In support of the Health Mart franchise program for independent community pharmacies, she manages pharmacy programs, tools and resources that help pharmacies best serve their patients.

She has also served as board president for the North Texas chapter of the American Diabetes Association.

“This allowed me to work on meaningful policy and program changes for a disease that truly affects my community,” she says. “I continue to seek opportunities to represent people of diverse backgrounds to ensure they have equal opportunities and access to healthcare and health education.”

One way she is pursuing that goal at McKesson is through her position as BE’s Historically Black College and University (HBCU) lead. She helps coordinate HBCU alumni meetings, hosts educational panels and drives diversity recruitment efforts.

HBCUs are important for McKesson and its employees,” she says. “They tend to be smaller schools, so it’s rare to find other alumni from your own school so you can share experiences and memories. Even when you meet someone who went to a different HBCU, there is a feeling of common ground that fosters better work relationships. For me, it’s like connecting to a family that I had never met.”

Januari appreciates the welcoming ERG environment, which she sees as honoring diversity and inclusion by offering actionable ways for employees to celebrate themselves and champion others.

“The more involved in ERGs you are, the more you benefit others,” she says. “ERGs allow everyone to be themselves and learn how we can best support one another. Our stories shed light on how our differences should be respected, and our similarities and opportunities for engagement should be embraced.”