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One Flag, Many Backgrounds

Ryan Crumrine served our country for 20 years. At McKesson, his mission is serving patients and helping his fellow veterans flourish in their careers.

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Ryan Crumrine planned to stay in the military for four years. That is, until the events of Sept. 11, 2001 changed his perspective. Driven by a greater sense of purpose, he served in the U.S. Air Force for a total of 20 years.

He began as an aircraft loadmaster, using precise mathematical calculations and a high level of discernment, to ensure the safety and security of cargo and people on an airplane. A natural leader, he moved up the ranks to master sergeant, training and coaching hundreds of Air Force personnel.

During his two decades in the Air Force, he visited 95 countries around the world and experienced many “firsts.” He flew on the first mission the day after 9/11. He was among the first Americans to arrive on the scene after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and again following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

“Going on humanitarian missions was my favorite part of being in the military,” he recalls. “We provided food and supplies and helped as many people as we could. It was an experience of a lifetime.”

Ryan with his wife in 2014

Ryan with his wife in 2014.

Today, he’s taken on a new mission. As assistant director of operations for the McKesson distribution center (DC) in Conroe, Texas, he helps to ensure customers receive their orders accurately and on time. It’s a responsibility Ryan doesn’t take lightly.

“We have a saying in our distribution centers: it's not just a package, it’s a patient,” he says. “What we do matters.”

He’s proud that the company is a long-standing supplier of the Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare system and plays a role in keeping veterans healthy. And as the father of three children, he knows how important it is for parents to access the over-the-counter medications they need at their local store when their kids are sick.

But he’ll never forget the night his work hit even closer to home. He was in the DC when his father had a major stroke and was airlifted to a nearby hospital. Ryan rushed to his side and was both puzzled and relieved to see his father awake and alert. A nurse explained his father received medication for stroke treatment before it was too late. But what she said next left him overwhelmed with emotion – he learned the medication that saved his dad’s life was sent from the Conroe DC.

“I helped people all over the world while I was in the military, and this was the first time I directly impacted my own family,” he says. “We really do save lives, and that is something I cherish about McKesson.”

His career at the company is fueled by patient-centered values and the ability to make meaningful contributions. He joined McKesson in 2018 through the Military Leaders Transition Program, which helped him acclimate to his first civilian job and develop the skills he needed to succeed in the workplace.

“It’s difficult to transition out of the military after such a long time,” he says. “The program helped me refocus on a new story. I learned to apply my military operational and leadership experience in a different context.”

A colleague, mentor and fellow Air Force veteran encouraged him to join the McKesson Military Resource Group (MMRG). It’s an employee resource group (ERG) that provides networking and support to veterans across the company. Ryan became an active member through participating in the ERG's Veterans Day and Memorial Day recognition events.

As his career progressed at McKesson, so did his involvement in MMRG. When he moved to take on a position as an inventory manager at the Seattle DC, he also became the local MMRG sponsor there. He became focused on bolstering membership and honoring deployed service members by encouraging employees to wear red on Fridays.

“Many colleagues were veterans or had military members in their family,” he says. “I shared my experience of being stationed far from home in Japan for five years as an example of what it means to remember those who are deployed.”

Now, he’s thrilled to be back in Conroe and to have additional responsibility with MMRG as the national board chief of staff. In this role, he’s focused on helping ensure veterans across McKesson can access critical resources offered by the company and within their local community.

“I want to show veterans the care that was shown to me,” he says. “I meet colleagues from all branches of the military who’ve had a variety of experiences. I ask, veteran to veteran, how I can help them, because I want to make a difference in their life.”

Ryan with his wife and children

Ryan with his wife and children.

Being in a leadership role within MMRG gives Ryan the forum to give back and equip other veterans with the tools they need to advance their civilian careers. It also provides him with the opportunity to learn from diverse colleagues across McKesson and continue growing as a leader.

One of the ways he’s making a greater impact is through promoting inclusivity in the DCs. After experiencing the rich diversity of backgrounds and ethnicities in the military, he knows the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging. That’s why he’s partnering with MMRG and other ERGs to raise awareness of the groups and increase participation among DC employees.

MMRG and all of the ERGs at McKesson provide a place for people to feel included and express themselves in the way they need,” he says. “It means a lot to me, and I want to bring that opportunity to everyone.”