Employee Voices

Celebrating the Power of Two with CommonUnity

Meet two Arc employee resource group board members who have helped accelerate belonging by celebrating individuals of all cultures.



Read Time: 5 minutes

During the month of July, McKesson’s employee resource group (ERG) Arc is authentically representing cultures by helping build community through CommonUnity. This means that Arc helps share the commonalities present within all the cultures that make up McKesson in efforts to help unite employees and help them build connections. Through the synergy created when two people take the time to meet, learn more about each other, and grow, we find “The Power of Two,” which is this year’s theme.

We asked two Arc board members to share how their involvement with the ERG has shaped their professional lives, allowed them to utilize and grow their skills, and inspired them to experience new cultures.

Melynda Bailey has worked at McKesson for three years and currently serves as a senior technical content developer for CoverMyMeds. Her role allows her to contribute to her community and help people in efforts to make their lives better. With a background in education, Melynda likes figuring out how things work, breaking them down, and helping people build new skills and abilities as incubate talent chair of Arc.

Stanley Morse has been with McKesson for about eight years and is the IT director of operations with Macro Helix. Stanley enjoys spending time with his wife of 25 years and three children, mentoring young men when they leave foster homes, and experiencing new cultures and cuisines. As Arc’s co-chair of membership engagement, he strives to grow membership and engagement while helping members build authentic connections.

What inspired you to join Arc and get involved?

Melynda: I joined McKesson during the pandemic, and I was looking for a way to meet others throughout the company and build connections. I primarily worked with specialty pharmacies outside of Las Colinas and Irving, Texas, and I felt that this group did not have enough awareness about, or access to, ERG offerings. That inspired me to join the Arc board to help meet their needs and provide more opportunities for them to get involved. I also wanted to be an ally for different communities, and Arc has allowed me to do so. Building a sense of community through CommonUnity is so important, and it helps us accelerate inclusion and belonging.

Stanley: Arc felt like a perfect fit for me because I wanted to immerse myself in different experiences and topics. This ERG gives you the ability to stay abreast of various cultures and engage in topics that stimulate the mind. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with all ERGs and expand your network. One of Arc’s sayings is that the power of two can solve any problem, and helping members build community outside of their own business units allows for even more unique connections to be made.

What skills do you bring to the Arc board?

Melynda: My background in teaching gives me a different perspective when it comes to knowledge sharing because it has taught me to look at things from all sides. I want to ensure that knowledge is attainable for everybody, not just a few. That means breaking down what something means, how it’s significant, and why they should invest their time to learn more about these topics. I love to see that “aha” moment when someone learns something new.

Being a part of the Arc board has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with people from across different business units and even across the world. As the incubate talent chair, my role allows me to find things we can bring to the ERG that helps them grow. From professional development to cultural experiences, we want to give our members a variety of things that can help them grow both personally and professionally.

How have your experiences with the ERG inspired you to experience new cultures?

Stanley: Arc hosts “Coffee and Culture” events, and a recent meeting was focused on Jamaica. We learned about the culture, cuisine and more, and this left me wanting to visit the region for myself. I added it to my bucket list, but with the Jamaican culture fresh on my mind, we decided to plan our summer vacation in Jamaica this year. I want to see and experience all the things I learned about during our meeting, and I’m excited to share this experience with my family. I even shared the meeting recording with my kids, and they got so excited about all the things we can do when we visit.

Our Coffee and Culture events open your mind to areas you might not have experienced or considered before, even if you don’t travel to that region. Getting to experience different cultures helps me see things differently. I want to learn more and challenge my family members to learn more about diverse points of view. I even think about cuisine differently. I want to try local restaurants that offer food from different regions of the world.

What is your favorite event that Arc has hosted?

Melynda: We hosted a great session on updating your talent profile, but I may be biased because I helped put that event together. Self-Care Day last year was also one of my favorite events because it promoted overall wellness. The event included massages, facials, chiropractic services, an oxygen bar, flu shots, workouts and more, and it was fabulous. I hope employees take advantage of that event this year because it truly was a great experience. Arc has a little bit of everything, and everyone can get involved.

How does Arc bring different cultures together?

Stanley: Making time throughout the course of my day to participate in Arc has truly added value in a capacity that I never thought was possible. It feels good to be a part of something that is bigger than me, and it’s helped me connect with so many individuals and see things from a different perspective. All cultures have a voice and are represented through Arc. We have more in common than most may think, and we place a big emphasis on that as an ERG. I enjoy representing Arc as we celebrate all cultures across the organization and host a variety of cultural events on a consistent basis. We bring McKesson’s I2CARE and ILEAD values to life.