McKesson Pharmacy Supply Chain Consulting

Achieve more for your supply chain infrastructure. Strengthen your business performance with McKesson.


McKesson RxO’s Supply Chain Consulting works with your pharmacy every step of the way through today’s changing healthcare landscape.

McKesson RxO Supply Chain Consulting helps:

  • Improve drug cost containment
  • Increase product mix awareness
  • Increase data management
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Decrease drug waste
  • Strengthen inventory control
  • Enhance supply chain education

Challenges facing your pharmacy supply chain

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    Supply chain strategies: Now is the time to optimize

    At a time when growth and consolidation are reshaping the healthcare field, aligning the supply chain is more critical than ever.


    At McKesson, we have honed the art of supply chain management to a science. This is how we’re able to deliver just-in-time medication with low holding costs.

    —Cindy Jeter, CPP, CPhT, Consultant, McKesson RxO