Drug Utilization


Utilization Analytics helps you achieve more while enhancing visibility into the financial performance of your health system pharmacy. Our user-friendly solution integrates purchasing, usage and reimbursement data to answer these and other questions:

  • Which providers consistently prescribe high-cost drugs?
  • Is the reimbursement optimal for the drugs being administered in my clinic?
  • Which drugs are driving costs for acute myocardial infarction admissions?
  • Are drug costs for knee replacements the same at each of our locations?
  • How can I find opportunities to reduce inpatient costs?


Utilization by diagnosis

Identify opportunities to reduce inpatient drug costs by viewing high-cost diagnoses and prescriber variance through internal benchmarks, flexible search options, and prescriber usage data.

Utilization by Diagnosis

Internal benchmarks
Drill down functionalities within each graph to view details such as which drugs are driving costs for acute MI admissions.

Flexible search options
Narrow your results by applying filters to specific dates or drugs throughout the tool.

Usage by Prescriber

Usage by prescriber
View differences between prescribers to focus your cost reduction strategies.

Utilization by drug

Explain usage of high-cost drugs to identify focus areas for your health system pharmacy.

Data Exporting

Data exporting
Export data anywhere, anytime in either Excel format or as an image for executive-ready reports.

Usage Provider

Usage by prescriber

Get visibility into prescribing patterns and the origin of your highest-cost drugs.

Budget Impact

Budget impact

Predict the budget impact of price changes by drug and purchasing account.

Outpatient reimbursement

Uncover drugs with sub-optimal reimbursement.

Reimbursement By Location and Payer

Reimbursement by location and payer
Discover which facilities and payers generate the highest and lowest reimbursement.

Profitability By Drug

Reimbursement by drug
View which drugs bring in the greatest reimbursement for your health system or which drugs have sub-optimal reimbursement.

Reimbursement By Payer

Reimbursement by payer
Find out profit and margin by payer to make better contracting decisions.

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