Pharmacy Performance Advisory Solutions

Our pharmacy performance experts can help you reduce costs, improve revenue, manage change, and optimize your pharmacy operations.

Pharmacy expertise to help you overcome everyday business challenges


You know the challenges facing your pharmacy. Profits continue to shrink. Drug costs are on the rise. Reimbursement now depends on patient medication adherence metrics and other factors. You know your pharmacy needs to move to a patient-centric model. But you are mired in day-to-day operations and you don’t have time to think about what you can do differently.

That’s where Pharmacy Performance Advisory Solutions can help. Our pharmacy performance advisors use Lean Six Sigma techniques to help you improve performance, maximize efficiency, implement clinical programs and more. We are different from other pharmacy consulting organizations in that we have the market data to baseline your pharmacy’s performance against your peers and measure success accordingly.

Our pharmacy performance advisors can bring long-lasting change to your pharmacy operation, regardless of your pharmacy management system. Tap into our expertise to:

  • Streamline pharmacy inventory management through increased inventory turns, reduced carrying costs, reduced adjudication costs and balanced staffing
  • Increase pharmacy workflow and productivity efficiencies through decreased wait times, improved turnaround times, reduced rework and increased central fill throughput
  • Pursue new revenue opportunities through defined ROI models, added clinical wellness programs, increased specialty medication dispensing, and more
  • Control ambiguity around technology changes through reduced implementation times, expedited decision-making and change management documentation

Count on our data-driven expertise to improve your pharmacy performance

Expense reduction and cost saving opportunities

Let us help you implement pharmacy inventory management best practices, reduce pharmacy expenses and identify valuable cost savings. Our solutions include:

  • Inventory Management – Implement best practices in inventory control and drug purchasing
  • Prescription Mix – Implement programs to increase the percentage of refills in the pharmacy to reduce the cost of dispensing
  • Return-to-Stock Management – Implement processes and programs to decrease the number of prescriptions filled but never picked up
  • Pharmacy Staffing – Analyze your store’s busiest times and adjust staffing to ensure superior customer service

Pharmacy optimization and productivity solutions

Let us help you identify workflow bottlenecks, improve employee productivity and optimize pharmacy operations to get the best results from your staff and systems. Our solutions include:

  • Pharmacy Workflow Optimization – We evaluate all work processes in your pharmacy to identify opportunities to streamline pharmacy workflow
  • Electronic Input Enhancement – We implement programs to increase the percentage of electronic prescriptions you receive, while saving you time and manual labor
  • System Optimization – We optimize the settings in your pharmacy management system and make changes to improve productivity

Revenue analysis and growth opportunities

Let us analyze your current pharmacy operations and make recommendations to promote future growth. Our solutions include:

  • Gross Margin Analysis – Evaluate Margin Losses to determine what new policies can be implemented to improve purchasing, pricing and pharmacy workflow procedures
  • Automated Refills – Analyze and implement opportunities to enroll patients in an automated refill or Med Sync program to increase revenue
  • Adherence – Analyze and implement opportunities to boost reimbursement rates by increasing adherence ratings with third-party payers
  • Clinical Services – Analyze and prioritize self-directed program opportunities using our Clinical Programs Solution technology
  • Expansion of Services – Offer additional patient services and open new revenue streams with mail order, employee fills, specialty dispensing, Medication Therapy Management, and more

Transition change management advice

Let us help you implement new technology or a centralized services business model. Our pharmacy performance advisors have the expertise to help you:

  • Assess Technology Needs – Evaluate current processes and identify new technology to optimize processes
  • Prepare for the Unexpected – Set staff expectations earlier in the transition cycle to mitigate surprises and last-minute decision-making
  • Streamline Technology Adoption – Reduce overall implementation time for new technology
  • Manage Change – Plan and document changes for employees
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    "Our MPTS Advisor really took the time to understand our business needs before digging down into our workflow and making necessary changes that positively affected our patients’ satisfaction as well as our bottom line."
    — Karen M. Ryle, MS, RPh | Associate Chief of Pharmacy Ambulatory Care, Massachusetts General Hospital