Central Fill as a Service (CFaaS)

Increase cash flow and minimize risk.

Image of a Central Fill pharmacy automation lineOur CFaaS® service allows pharmacies to benefit from Prescription Automation’s central fill automation and industry expertise with little to no upfront cost to them.

CFaaS is a McKesson-operated, centralized solution that allows retail pharmacies to use central fill without the investment in equipment, inventory, or staffing (other than a pharmacist). Instead of the traditional central fill model that requires significant upfront investment, CFaaS is available to customers through a per-prescription fee that can dramatically reduce the pharmacy’s per-prescription cost to dispense.

Central Fill as a ServiceTM is a value-added portfolio of products and services that addresses increasingly complex market challenges for its customers.

CFaaS incorporates industry-leading central fill pharmacy automation technology and operational expertise, integrated pharmacy workflow, vast pharmaceutical distribution network, and patent-pending streamlined 340B ordering and inventory capabilities to create new revenue and cost savings opportunities for pharmacies that may not have the resources to build their own central fill facility.

For health system outpatient pharmacies, access to a central fill facility can help improve per capita costs and free staff to focus on population health and experience of care. By capturing fills on discharge and retaining them after discharge, the pharmacy can create medication adherence and counseling programs to improve patient health outcomes and reduce readmission rates.

Small chain pharmacies can benefit from CFaaS through increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and a greater focus on patient care. This differentiation for small chains can help show value in patient care through a focus on payer performance criteria, including medication adherence. Pharmacies that already operate a central fill facility in need of an upgrade may benefit from CFaaS as an alternative to investing capital in new or additional equipment. In addition, pharmacies can use the service to increase revenue by pursuing business in new markets such as Employee Fills, Mail Order, Specialty, 340B or Long-Term Care (LTC).

Now we can save you labor costs, improve quality, and reduce inventory in your pharmacies with Central Fill as a Service (CFaaS)

McKesson is now able to provide smaller to medium pharmacies with lower script volumes the opportunity to buy into an automated product that allows central fill on a per-script fee.

Why CFaaS? We maintain the operation so you don’t have to

  • CFaaS shifts the risk to McKesson and away from your business.
  • Reliable performance, highly accurate and efficient operations.
  • Customized systems save you labor costs, improve quality, and reduce inventory.

Here’s How It Works:

Pay a per-script fee only when the script is delivered to the patient—keeping revenue within your pharmacy and giving you the opportunity to invest in other areas of your business.

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