Drug Spend Tools and Rebate Options

Gain more financial control over pharmaceutical purchases with drug spend tools and rebate options for pharmacies and providers.

Optimizing your drug spend and maximizing rebates

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As drug costs continue to increase, understanding your drug spend and maximizing rebates is vital to maintaining and enhancing your business health. With our drug spend and rebate tools, you have access to data-driven and actionable information on your pharmacy’s purchasing trends.

Benefits of partnering with us

We want to help you achieve better business health. When you partner with us, your pharmacy can leverage the following drug spend and rebate program capabilities:

  • Customized drug formularies for specific patient populations to improve clinical care
  • Analysis of purchases to make more effective and efficient business decisions
  • Streamlined dispensing and purchasing processes

Drug spend analysis and rebate tools

We offer a variety of customizable and scalable drug spend and rebate tools that match your pharmacy’s specific needs.

Generic Drug Purchasing

Our generic drug purchasing program offers reliable product access, competitive prices and business information. The program’s flexible and scalable tools are ideal for hospital and health system pharmacies, independent retail pharmacies and alternate-site pharmacies.

Pharmacy Asset Management

Designed to help gain the highest value from our technology, the Pharmacy Asset Management program draws on our expertise in pharmaceutical inventory and purchasing management.

The program allows you to:

  • Easily identify and focus your time on your most important items
  • Capitalize on drug purchase history trends to strategically guide ordering

Drug Spend Analysis

McKesson Drug Spend Analysis gives you deep insights into your drug spend trends—helping you more informed business and clinical decisions.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Rich analytics
  • Smart dashboard
  • Flexibility to create custom reports

340B Architect℠

Ideal for hospital and health system pharmacies, our sophisticated 340B Architect software solution is designed to help your pharmacy maximize its financial and clinical 340B program participation and maintain regulatory compliance.

It is designed to help you:

  • Enhance cash flow by paying 340B covered entities at the time of inventory receipt
  • Avoid costly 340B inventory swell, product returns and disruptions in workflow
  • Maintain consistent inventory ordering, financial reporting and accounting processes across stores
  • Improve accounting procedures with automatically created accounts payable, inventory valuations and journal entries


MyHealthMart is a one-stop market intelligence shop for independent retail pharmacies.

This platform allows you to:

  • Access drug usage reports
  • Manage drug inventory
  • Adjust pharmaceutical ordering to manage your pharmacy’s operational costs