Point of Sale Software & Mobile Payment Processing

Cutting-edge, secure pharmacy payment processing technology and PCI compliance.

Experience the advanced features of point of sale (POS) software from McKesson Pharmacy Systems. We leverage the expertise of leading payment technology vendors to provide a future-proof point of sale and payment processing solution that delivers a wide array of services, including integrated EMV chip compliance technology for secure payments.

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Our POS system offers customers full purchase transparency and a seamless payment processing experience, minimizing delays that may lead them to abandon their prescriptions. It also opens up opportunities for pharmacy staff to initiate patient counseling services where necessary, with the aim of increasing medication adherence.

A POS system that increases security and enhances the customer experience

  • Line item display: Display retail and pharmacy items on screen as they are being scanned (a requirement in many states) and eliminate the need for a separate pole display.
  • Swipe any time: Let customers swipe their payment cards while the sale is being entered.
  • Signature on demand: Get signatures for non-transactional related situations, such as receipt of privacy policy, pharmacist counseling, and pseudoephedrine acceptance.
  • Cash back: Fulfill cash back requests and manage less cash-on-hand. You can customize buttons to suggest amounts and set a maximum cash back limit.
  • Flexible payment options: Support multiple standard payment options, including credit, debit, gift card and FSA/HSA cards. Accept mobile payments like Apple Pay®, Google Wallet™, and Samsung Pay™. Add new features, payment acceptance and functionality over time.
  • Security: Simplify PCI validation and reduce risk of security breaches through tokenization and encryption using the most current PA-DSS and P2PE security standards. Security features include PCI compliance, tokenization, chip card (EMV) and point-to-point encryption.
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Why Choose an Integrated Payment Solution?

Combining your payment processing system with your point of sale (POS) system brings a number of benefits. Here are some highlights.

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A Range of Payment Methods

A look at the flexible payment capabilities of POS, including traditional payment cards and mobile payment platforms such as Apple Pay.